Breeding and showing champion Beagles
Pink puppy feet
Typical Eardley pup at 5 weeks
Giving a helping hand to Mum
Puppies Sometimes available
Phone 07568 140700 or 07710 985278 for details or email eardleyhall@aol.com

Our landline 01782 720434 has limited opening for Boarding Kennel so better to phone one of the mobiles
We do have older youngsters waiting for knowledgeable homes that have already owned Beagles before.

Beagles are medium sized hounds, standing between 13 and 16 inches at the shoulder. They were originally bred for hunting hares in packs and today Beagles are normally sociable, mischievous, healthy and delightful members of an active family.

Beagles enjoy company whether it is human, canine or feline. They do not like spending long periods on their own. A household where the whole family is out from morning till evening is not suitable for a Beagle.

The Beagle needs a home with a garden, which needs to be fenced securely. They can dig as well as jump. They will need exercise for at least an hour each day when adult, free running is very good in a safe area away from traffic & livestock. They were bred to hunt, it is instinctive to the breed and will show up on your walks, the person with a lead in their hand and no dog in sight owns a Beagle. Beagles are tough and love to be with the family, but children must be taught to respect them and not treat them like toys. The hound should have a special place of its own such as an indoor kennel or crate, where children are not allowed to go and disturb them.

They are full of fun, enthusiastic and always ready for any sort of activity. They are easy to feed, too easy at times and will put on weight easily if allowed. They have an appetite for all sorts of disgusting things and will welcome the opportunity to raid next doors bin. They are easy to keep clean, which comes as a blessing as they love to roll in any bad smells they can find. Health surveys have shown them to be a very healthy breed.

Bringing a Beagle into your home is a great commitment in time and patience, so if you are sure your life style will suit a Beagle please buy from a reputable experienced breeder. They may not have pups for sale straight away but will guide you in the right direction.
Over 30 years experience, breeding champions in three different breeds in three different groups.
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